Rosemary O'Neill CEO, Narrative February 21, 2018

The project management tools and production system the Clarity team use made it feel like we were working in sync Continue Reading


Benefits of Clarity Explainer Videos

Your video will take advantage of these benefits to force action from your target market.

Compelling Explainer Video Scripts

Compelling Scripts That Sell

Your script will use storytelling principles designed to hold even the shortest of attention spans. We’ll also pack it full of psychological conversion switches to force action – not drop-offs.

Videos Boost Social Engagement

Boost Social Engagement

Social Media feeds are clogged with all sorts of numbing media. A short explainer video will cut the clutter and force viewer attention.

Animated videos improve conversion rates

Skyrocket Conversion Rates

Videos are king at convincing your viewer to take action for any app, product, software, or service. In 90 seconds or less, your video will convert passive viewers into customers.

Explainer videos simplify your brand message

Your Message, Simplified

We dive deep into your business and pick the most enticing aspects to effectively summarise your message in less than 90 seconds.

Videos are like 24/7 salespeople

Your Own 24/7 Salesperson

All Clarity videos are like a digital salesperson that never stops working, armed with the perfect sales pitch that will easily turn skeptics into customers in less than 90 seconds.

Explainer videos make you stand out from the competition

Dominate Your Competition

Your explainer video will showcase your brand and identity, differentiating you from the competition and showing your target market why you are 10x better.

The Nuts and Bolts

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy a Clarity video

Superior video marketing strategists

Fully customised animation styled for YOUR brand

Compelling script based on conversion principles

Engaging voice over

(in any accent or gender)

Creative Storyboard and Illustrations to guarantee client satisfaction

Dedicated project manager available by phone or email

Royalty free background music and sound effects

Two rounds of revisions for each stage

World-class production system

Superior customer service

Full handover assistance

A video partner that you can rely on

The Reel

You’re creating a premium brand and need a premium video. View our work below to get a taste of what we can do for you.

You’re a forward-thinking company but your messaging isn’t crystal clear.

Let’s fix that.

Why Clarity?

Clarity Animations help world-class companies simplify their marketing message through premium explainer videos.

You receive premium videos without the price tag

When you work with Clarity you know you’re getting a custom video tailored to your unique brand and business objectives. You get all this without the 5-figure price-tag commonly quoted by competitors.

A process that reduces your time involvement

Every aspect of our production process has been refined to reduce your time investment so that developing an explainer video is a delight, not a burden. Sit back and let us do the work – it’s what you pay us for!

You're in good hands long after initial production is complete

Handover and implementation are extremely important to us, which is why we provide a free guide on how to get real results for your video. If you ever need help with implementing anything, we’re just a short call or email away.

At Clarity we’re focused on two things: superior customer experience and results-driven video.

Who We’ve Worked With

What They Say

Dave Henderson Managing Director, Pro DBA February 27, 2018

We recently produced four videos with Clarity Animations and found the whole process was straightforward and stress-free. Our videos are fun and engaging whilst communicating serious points to our target market. I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of explainer videos.



How does payment work?

We require a 50% upfront payment and the last 50% after the video is finished and approved by the client. Once we receive the final payment we send the final video in HD format. You can pay via bank transfer or through PayPal (this last option has a 5% fee).

How long is the production process?

Our videos typically take between 4-7 weeks as all our work is custom made. The varying timeframe depends on how well our two teams communicate and the number of revisions for each stage.

Can the process be faster?

Sure! We always cater for specific events; however we will need to charge a rush-fee to ensure we meet your deadline if it’s within 5 weeks from day one of production.

How will we communicate?

We’re a company that operates mostly through the internet. We use Basecamp for all projects for written messaging, along with Skype and phone calls as needed.

How do we give feedback?

We deliver scripts in a Google doc – comments can be made easily using the Google interface. Storyboards, Illustrations and Videos are all uploaded to FileStage for accurate feedback down to the exact pixel.

How do you fit into the market?

To be perfectly honest with you – we don’t. You can either go to the big agencies and pay $15,000+, or go to Fiverr and smash your head against a wall while receiving a cookie-cutter video which doesn’t do your company justice. We fit between these two extremes to get the best of both worlds – premium service and animation without the price-tags!

I'm in - how do I get started?

Great news! We like to talk to all of our customers before working together, so we’d have a phone call to better understand your needs then move forward with production. We require a completed project questionnaire to begin scripting, so this would need to be completed next.

What’s the cost for an explainer video?

All our prices are listed on the ‘our packages’ page. We prefer to be transparent and up-front instead of leading you on with ambiguous ball-park figures.

How do I receive the video?

At the start of each project we create and share a Google Drive folder with you. The final version will be uploaded here for you to use.

Who owns the video?

You do, of course! Once the final payment has been completed, we’ll transfer the files to you.

Are we allowed revisions?

Of course! We include two rounds of revisions for each project stage. Very rarely do we need the second round but it’s there as a safety net. If you require more rounds, we will charge extra based on the changes requested.

What about in person meetings?

We’re a digital company and have been since day one. If we’re in the same city we’d love to meet, but our clients are spread around the world and communicate through the internet. Don’t worry, we’re humans too and create strong relationships with all our clients.

Can you help me once the video is complete?

We provide the final video files along with a handover document, which explains what we would do if we were to promote a video ourselves. This document details how to use it on Social media platforms, how to embed your video in email signatures etc.

Of course if you need assistance with any of that just let us know and we’d be happy to help.

If you’re looking for marketing help for video promotion, let us know and we can put you in touch with one of our trusted partners.

Do you offer discounts?

If you’re purchasing more than one video then yes we do offer a discount. The discount increases based on the number of videos you order.