The Reel

You’re creating a premium brand and need a premium video. Check our past work to see what we can do for you.

    Our Video Styles

    Slick Motion Graphics

    Humans are wired to process imagery faster than text, which is why our graphic focused videos work so well.

    Premium Character Animation

    We’ll create premium characters for story based scenarios to match your target market.

    Engaging 3D Isometric

    Perfect for detailing real-life situations in an engaging way. We can build environments for any offering.
    (Please note this style may incur additional costs)

    Our Prices

    30 Seconds

     2000 USD

    60 Seconds

    3100 USD

    90 Seconds

    4200 USD

    Free Subtitles (usually $150)

    Free Logo Animation Video (usually $200)

    Video in Multiple Resolutions (usually $50)

    Bonuses Worth $400

    120 Seconds

    5300 USD

    Interested in purchasing multiple videos? Contact us before buying to receive a bulk order discount.

    Video Length Differences

    Choosing the right video length for your business can seem daunting, so we’ve broken down each video length to help you choose the right one for your business.

    30 Seconds

    A punchy video which explains your elevator pitch and provides a quick call to action. Great for social media campaigns or to create brand awareness. Think quick, sharable content.

    Word Length: 75
    Sentences: 5-6

    60 Seconds

    An upbeat explainer video that covers most parts of our Clarity scripting formula. This video length suits those who can get their ideas or message across quickly. Best for simple business offerings that don’t require too much explanation. Think fast, efficient introductions.

    Word Length: 150
    Sentences: 10-11

    90 Seconds

    The full explanation of your problem and unique benefits. Great for complex products and best for educating an audience about a new product or service. We believe a 90 second video is the sweet-spot between viewer engagement and explaining your business. Think sharp, but detailed explanations.

    Word Length: 225
    Sentences: 15-16

    120 Seconds

    Designed for super complex products. They may have ground-breaking benefits and need extra time to explain how they work. Designed for viewers who have already been exposed to your business in the past. Think dense, complex explanations.

    Word Length: 300
    Sentences 20-21

    Often customers choose a 60 second video to later upgrade to the 90 second option. If you’re on the fence between two video lengths, let us know and we’ll produce two scripts. Don’t worry if you change after paying the initial deposit, we’ll simply adjust the final invoice payment to match your decision.

    The Nuts and Bolts

    Here’s what you’ll get when you buy a Clarity video

    Superior video marketing strategists

    Fully customised animation styled for YOUR brand

    Compelling script based on conversion principles

    Engaging voice over

    (in any accent or gender)

    Creative Storyboard and Illustrations to guarantee client satisfaction

    Dedicated project manager available by phone or email

    Royalty free background music and sound effects

    Two rounds of revisions for each stage

    World-class production system

    Superior customer service

    Full handover assistance

    A video partner that you can rely on

    Purchasable Add Ons


    Custom Thumbnail

    Designed specifically for your website to further customize your website


    Subtitled Video

    80% of videos on social media are watched without sound. Engage this audience too with subtitles


    Packaged visual assets for marketing/website

    Use the video illustrations on your future marketing material


    5-10 Second Animated video of logo

    Create a catchy intro/outro for all your video material


    Additional voice over (English)

    Perfect for targeting multiple markets


    Additional voice over (foreign language)

    Great for explanding into different regions of the world


    3D isometric animation style

    If you’re looking to take your video quality to the extreme you’ll need a 3D Isometric animation style


    Two Versions with different Call-To-Action

    This expands your usability of the video for specific platforms/scenarios


    Rush fee for timely projects

    Compulsory for projects with a deadline under 5 weeks away

    It’s time your target understood what makes you unique.
    It’s time you invested in an explainer video.