Terms and Conditions

Payment Schedule
Customers have the option to pay 100% up front or pay on a 50/50 schedule. Clarity require a 50% deposit prior to project commencement and the remaining 50% to be payable upon video completion. Once the video has been given final approval, Clarity will issue the final invoice. The client will receive the full handover package once the final payment has been received.


Payment Options
Payments can be made through PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer only. We use a third-party cart provider called Thrive Cart to manage payments.


Reasonable Response Time
The total project timeline is estimated with a “reasonable” response time from the client for deliverables. The client will be given two working days to respond to each round of work submission. A response time longer than two days will negatively affect the project timeline. The client is allowed more time to respond, however, Clarity will not be responsible for project delays as a result.


Maximum Response Time
If Clarity does not receive a response or a reason for no feedback within 10 working days, the project will be ‘paused’ and removed from Clarity’s production line until further notice. Clarity will send two reminders during the 10 working days and a pause notification once the 10 day limit has been reached. Clarity will not contact the client beyond the 10 day threshold and it is the responsibility of the client to restart the project when they are ready. NOTE: Reactivation of the project may incur an additional fee of $200.


Digital Rights
Once the project fee is paid in full to Clarity Animations, any elements of sound effects, music, animation, script, voice over, trademarks, or other artwork provided by the client to be used in the video are owned by the client. Prior to full payment, all intellectual property including all designs, storyboards, scripts, animations, sound effects, voice overs, trademarks, or other artwork files remain the property of Clarity Animations.


Watermarked video material
Following from above, digital rights will be protected through a small ‘Clarity Animations’ watermark on all video content until final payment has been received.


Communication methods
All communication between the client and Clarity will be through phone calls, email, or Skype.


Project Scope
Clarity Animations has outlined the project scope in this document. This includes revisions, timeline, project stages and specific deliverables.

  1. The client agrees to cooperate with the supplier to keep the production within the proposed scope.
  2. The client can request extra work from the supplier by email.
  3. Clarity Animations will reply with the estimated costs and request approval of the additional work by email.


Video Length Extensions
Videos that extend beyond the purchased length must be covered by the customer. The video price will increase by $400 USD per each additional 10 seconds of video.
Clarity Animations produce scripts that fit the purchased video length, but if the client would like to extend the script they can as long as they accept the additional fees.


The number of revisions allowed for each project stage is determined in the packages shown in this document. Project stages will be defined as: Script, Storyboards, Voice Over and Animation. Any further revisions will need to be quoted for.


‘Back-tracking’ Revisions
Once a stage has been given approval, any changes to that stage later in a project will result in additional fees. Video production flows like a waterfall, where one stage must be complete before moving onto the next one. Therefore, any changes to a previous stage will lead to work being repeated, resulting in increased labour costs.


Additional costs estimate for each repeat stage
As mentioned above, there will be additional costs for repeat work by ‘back-tracking’ through stages. Cost estimates are outlined below:

  • Full voice over recording after the sample is approved $400
  • Script changes once voice over is recorded $400
  • Storyboard scene changes once animation is submitted $600
  • Voice over changes once animation is submitted $700
  • These are an estimate, and can be reduced depending on the amount of work required.


Voice Over terms
Clarity work with third-party contractors to produce the voice-over for your video. Clarity allow revisions for specific sentences and words, however full re-records due to indecisiveness over tonality will incur an additional recording fee. If the voice-over is noticeably different from the audition, this fee will not be enforced.


Rush-fee terms
A rush-fee is added to any project with a deadline under 5 weeks from the deposit payment. This fee covers Clarity’s additional labour hours, as we work through weekends to achieve the tighter timeline. We require that all clients are available for phone calls and that they are willing and able to give all feedback for each submission within 24 hours.


One Point of Contact
To simplify communication channels, please appoint one point of contact from your organisation.


Portfolio Use
Clarity reserves the right to display your video on their portfolio and other marketing materials. A portfolio helps showcase Clarity’s previous work, and will also give your business more exposure to any viewers.


Agreement by Deposit
This agreement becomes effective only when a deposit has been received by Clarity Animations.


Contract Expiration
If a client purchases a video(s) and pays for the deposit but does not proceed with the video for more than one year the contract will expire. The client will need to pay present day pricing for the videos to continue.


Last Edited: 17 September 2018